What If Harry Potter Was A Rationalist?

What on the internet do I find interesting?


Questionable Content material (no, it isn’t NSFW) sitcom-style however with sentient robots

Wondermark, absurd humor with Victorian visuals

Sturdy Female Protagonist, superheroes and supervillains and moral dilemmas (the protagonist is a feminine who is robust)

Subnormality, extremely detailed artwork with usually deep social commentary, not your typical comedian

The Perry Bible Fellowship, charming art and offbeat punchlines

xkcd, very nerdy

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal, additionally nerdy and sometimes darkish


Harry Potter and Тень и Кость смотреть онлайн the Methods of Rationality (HPMOR) by Eliezer Yudkowsky. The only fanfic of any type that I’ve ever favored. ‘What if Harry Potter was a rationalist?’

Worm and Pact, two webserials by wildly successful debutant Web creator ‘wildbow’. The premise of Worm is superpowers in a really imperfect, human world, from city blocks to planetary politics; the premise of Pact is dealings with the supernatural, who have a polity of their own.

UNSONG: ‘What if Kabbalistic Judaism have been true, in a energy-hungry capitalist world?’ By Scott Alexander, roughly in the genre of rational fiction, very partaking.

What soccer will appear to be sooner or later – 17776, football but also science fiction.

SCP Basis, a sprawling, wiki-model assortment of stories set in a universe with mysterious supernatural artifacts ‘secured, contained, and protected’ by the inspiration.

Newsletters/blogs I learn

The Browser, an exceptionally good curated publication of nicely-written articles on varied matters, current and previous

Marginal Revolution, on current scientific, political, and financial occasions, by Tyler Cowen and Alex Tabarrok

Astral Codex Ten, Scott Alexander writes about medicine, anthropology, and rationality. All the time very thoughtful.

The Baffler, “The Journal That Blunts the Innovative”. Weekly dose of cynical takes.

Aeon and its sister Psyche, broadly reflecting on the human condition. Usually insightful.

EFFector from the Electronic Frontier Basis on digital rights

Free Software Supporter from the Free Software program Foundation

MIT Daily, each day information from MIT

MIT Expertise Evaluate, technology information (and a bimonthly journal)


Programming Languages and Verification group at MIT CSAIL

Instructional Research Program, runs academic packages for center- and high-schoolers

SPARC, the Summer season Program on Utilized Rationality and Cognition

Panini Linguistics Olympiad, linguistics contest for Indian high schoolers

Monsoon Math Camp, an Indian math camp for top schoolers

Euler Circle, advanced math circle within the California Bay Space (though presently online)

Causality in Cognition Lab at Stanford


– A nice article about me within the MIT Information!

The Brief, Tampered Clavier, a sort of useless weblog run by me and some friends.

– Not likely a hyperlink, however a private wishlist: – studio headphones

– small earrings – geometric shapes, animals, icons, and many others.

– webcomic merch or perhaps tasteful prints

– a pleasant and/or quaint poster, or perhaps “The right way to Work Better”, additionally postcards, notecards, and the like

– a insulated journey mug with lid

– a skateboard

– an adjustable wrench

– a Kazoo

Music sources

Rajan Parrikar’s Music Archive is both a curated archive of thousands of uncommon, outdated, Hindustani classical music recordings, and a large collection of artful blog posts about Hindustani classical music from a seasoned connoiseur.

SwarGanga has helpful tools to search for raags or bandishes by their notes.

Aathavanitli Gani has an enormous collection of lyrics and metadata about Marathi songs.

– The Darbar Festival YouTube channel has high-high quality recordings of fashionable classical artists.

– Rahul Deshpande has an audioblog about Hindustani classical music: information, opinions, and stories interspersed with quick vocal demonstrations. (This was on his now-defunct website.)

Random tidbits

Pink Trombone, an interactive sound-producing mannequin of the vocal cavity that is a superb phonetics educating software.

– My pal lindrew’s web site has extensive and full LaTeX notes for many subjects he is taken at MIT.

DeTeXify, discover the LaTeX command for a handwritten image.

The LaTeX WikiBook. My go-to LaTeX reference for simple things.

Digital Dictionaries of South Asia, full-text entry to high-high quality online dictionaries (though I solely have direct experience with the Marathi ones)

Sanskrit Dictionary for Spoken Sanskrit

CSS Autoprefixer (for cross-browser CSS compatibility)

MathILy (and MathILy-Er), an enriching and really fun math camp. The identical folks run an REU-model program referred to as MathILy-EST.

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